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. Meanwhile, Luke gets into an awkward situation with a widow at the club and unknowingly helps Jay with his petition. Luke and Manny try to endure the embarring actions of their parents on a college tour. Mitch and Cam try to teach Lily the value of hard work. And Gloria, Phil and Cam swear a secret oath to keep incriminating personal information hidden from their spouses. And Cam drops in on Gloria when he doesn't know what to do without Mitch. Meanwhile, Cam and Mitchell learn that Lily is smart enough to sk a grade. And Mitch may have accidentally accelerated a planned renovation. Claire tries to keep Jay from finding out about a work mistake. Manny helps Haley prepare for Comic-Con with a quick refresher course on.

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Meanwhile, Claire doesn't have as much influence on Alex's life choices as she thinks, but Haley is obsessed with what Alex thinks about hers. And Cam is shocked when Pam prefers Mitch's help raising her baby. . And Cam finally gets the courage to stand up to his sister Pam, who's in town for an audition. As part of the festivities, Phil plans to perform a magic trick featuring Gloria appearing out of thin air in her wedding dress, which may no longer fit. Принцип работы координатного домофона.

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. Cam and Mitch urge Lily, Haley and gal pal Sal to stand up to the men in their lives. Meanwhile, Jay comes to regret mastering the art of saying "no". Phil works hard to master a clic magic trick and prove he's not the family failure. At the rally, Luke and Manny find themselves coeting for the affection of a feminist clmate. Meanwhile, Mitchell's plan to teach Cam a lesson in gullibility and Lily a lesson in responsibility backfires. Meanwhile, Jay and Phil can't agree on their parking-lot attendant's duties. Jay feels left out when Gloria hires a coach for Joe who doubles as a handyman. Meanwhile, Phil and Jay's real-estate investment may not turn out to be the dream scenario Phil hoped it would be. Meanwhile, Claire's fondness for a TV chef leads to a love of cooking Sunday dinners. And Mitchell winds up in the spotlight thanks to Cameron's play. Gloria, Claire, Alex and Haley have their own reasons for being unnerved by a play Manny wrote for a young playwright festival. Jay worries that Joe just isn't afraid of him at all. Meanwhile, Mitchell runs into an old flame; Cam is forced to stay out of the sun; and Phil and Claire try out some adventurous excursions. Meanwhile, Manny want to avoid a long, tearful goodbye after Gloria and Jay move him into his college dorm. And Gloria's hospitality wears thin when Cam oversteps his boundaries. Герцог бекингем. Claire and Mitch try to keep them apart, expecting there to be a scene otherwise, but they all four wind up sitting at the same table together, and it turns out to be a wonderful meeting in which Jay and his ex reconnect as friends. Сделать совку для визы. Gloria's birthday gift for Claire rubs her eloyees the wrong way, especially after there are budget cuts at the closet coany. Meanwhile, Phil and Claire find that life as ety nesters doesn't suit them. Meanwhile, Alex wants to shed her good-girl image and prove to Claire that she's in a ual relationsh with Ben. Alex's efforts to be more popular with her co-workers soon backfire when she gets a promotion. Bepolis. Also: Jay's day at jury duty takes an unexpected turn when he gets to serve it alongside one of America's biggest football icons; and Manny's encounter with his favorite playwright and a celebrated actor and comedian don't go as expected. Meanwhile, Mitch and Cam are frustrated by how long Jay is taking with their kitchen remo. Jay tries to get Gloria to admit she was in a fender bender. Meanwhile, Mitch believes Cam is undermining him during their kitchen renovation. Meanwhile, Phil is thrown for a loop when his father's girlfriend is his hood babysitter; and Jay and Gloria uss Joe's future in case something happens to one or both of them. Meanwhile, Gloria's nemesis calls out her lack of support at Manny's school. Meanwhile, Gloria is irked by Jay's apparent favoritism when it comes to Joe's iroper gifts and Manny's dating insecurity. And Haley finds she can view life from a different perspective when she's without her cell phone. And the rest of the Pritchett clan get y for Luke and Manny's big day. Meanwhile, Cam is outraged that someone is dragging Fizbo's name through the mud, especially on an iortant bowling night. Pam's ex-boyfriend Bo shows up and Mitchell sees this as the perfect opportunity to get her out of the house. And Alex and Dwight strike up a friendsh, much to Cameron's dismay. Meanwhile, Jay tries to keep his stress level low; Gloria teaches Joe how to be kind to s