John Bishop, of Arina, has ed levcn men, and no one thought much of it, but recently, when he stole a , ic.was. n connection with this Mammoth IhrytlotMs More, is Wholesale and Hetail ilisient! MitA. We will in sert an adtertisement in EIGHT HUN" PR ED American SPAPERS lorsjLX UOLlAltS VEll LlSil per week. Bear witness many a pensive sigh Of thoughtful Herdsman when he strays Alone upon Loch Veol's heights, And by Loch Lomond's Braes. After we had ped the tarn the glen became less interesting, or rather the moun- tains, from the manner in which they are looked at \ but again, a little higher up, they resume their grandeur. At first I was surprised, but the next moment I felt that the iression was natural. Among all writings, inspired or uninspired, the of Job stands pre-eminent for its loftj' representations of the pure moral personality, the holiness, the unchallengeable justice, tlie wisdom, the omnotence, the absolute sover- eignty of God.. After breakfast we walked onwards, expecting that the stream would lead us into some considerable vale ; but it ♦ The -place of Mocnab of Macnab. But when son^ow and bereavement came, and with them the deepened sense of sin and of utter need, they learned that in nature alone was nothing which in the end tlicy could abide by. Left Keswick - Qri«dale- Mosedale - Hesket market - Caldbeck Falls,. I wished Joanna® had been there to laugh, for the echo is an excellent laugher, and would have almost made her believe that it was a true story which William has told of her and the mountains. More pensive in sunshine Than others in moonshine. It was a white house ; no trees near it except a plantation of firs ; but the fields were green, sprinkled over witli hay- s, and the brook which comes down the valley and falls into the lake ran through them. This is one of the mo-t beautiful and one of the mo-t dif ficult parts to render in the Cantata. Very near to the chapel is Holyrood House, which we could not but lament has nothing ancient in its appearance, being sash-windowed and not an irregular pile. Look at the poem on the ' Daffodils ' and coare with it these words taken from the sister's Journal. We rang a bell at the gate, and, instead of a porter, an old woman came to open it through a narrow side-alley cut in a thick plantation of evergreens. Satin Bleached TaMe IamnsLs ouly Tj cents. It is, moreover, a just and noble summary of the. The hills and valleys which surround our town, interspersed with fields of waving grain, and forests of richest green, present a scenery which is not everywhere beheld. All entries must be enclosed to the Secretary with the mber of Race endorsed on the envelope. It has its centre - one great thought, around which all others revolve. We were glad to leave Dumfries, which is no agreeable place to them who do not love the bustle of a town that seems to bo rising up to wealth. And it must have been a relief to Wordsworth and bis sister, though the Journal hints it not, when he left them at Loch Lomond. Shiddte, ! Naamathite" might have been spared, unless INTRODUCTORY. RECOLLECTIONS OF Kob Roy had never lingered here. The author of Job, therefore, must liave been a known, ac- credited prophet of God. As for the scope or use of this hook : First. Wordsworth and his sister, myself being of the party, walked out in spite of the rain, and made the circuit of the two lakes, Grasmere and its dependency Eydal, a walk of about six miles. Again, their intense love for their Westmoreland dales and meres did not them to look on those of Scotland with a sense of rivalry, but of brotherhood.

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. There are some fine red scars near the river, in one or two of which we saw the entrances to caves, said to have been used as places of refuge in times of insecurity. Osgood A Co., especially for Kvery.Saturday. |jIMK MUSEUM^ A Grand Dramatic Performance Ewr> Afternoon and Night This Week.

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. The archi- tectnre within is exquisitely beautiful. Walks eictend for miles over the liill-tops, the great beauty of which is their wild sim-> plicity - they are perfectly smooth, without rocks.'. On our left as we travelled along appeared the Solway Firth and tlie mount^iins beyond, but tlie near country dreary. A very fine scene; the river Garry forcing its way down a deep chasm between rocks, at the foot of high rugged hills covered with wood, to a great height. Strath Erne is so extensive a vale that, had it been in England, there must have been much inequality, as in Wensley Dale ; but at Wensley there is a unity, a softness, a melting together, which in the large vales of Scotland I never perceived. and immediately before the pro|iheey of Isaiah. At Moss Paul we fed our ; - several travellers were drinking whisky. I hope this goodness is not often abused by plunderers of the apple- trees, which were hung with teting apples close to the path. Over the grave of Bums we hung In social grief - Indulged as if it were a wrong To seek relief. Our beds had proved better than we expected, and we had not slept ill ; but poor Coleridge had ped a wretched night here four days before. No beds in the inns at Falkirk - every room taken up by the people come to the fair. Accordingly, on his return they were offered for sale, but no purchasers came. With admiration I behold Thy gladness unsubdued and bold : Thy looks, thy gestures, all present The picture of a life well spent ; This do I see, and something more, A strength unthought of heretofore. That hath her six weeks' solitude beguiled With intimations manifold and dear, While we have wander'd over wood and wild - Smile on its Mother now with bolder cheer I APPENDIX AND NOTES. In many of tlie Hebrew Bibles among the Germans its place is between the Proverbs and the Canticles ; and in the Spanish Mss. ANY iierson wishing to purchase a KIXU riANt-CSKl VKl:Y CIIHAP. There is scarce a noted glen in Scotland that has not a cave for Walhice or some other hero. Except Sunday, AT TDK STAR BUILDINGS, Northwest Corner PeyWa Ave. Scott he spoke of cheerful days he had spent in that castle not many years ago, when it was inhabited by Professor Ferguson and his family, whom the Duke of Queensberry, its churlish owner, forced to quit it. The country near Callander is very pleasing ; but, as almost everywhere else, ierfectly cul- tivated.

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. Nor less in large towns, as in Glasgow, were they struck by the dulness and dreariness in the aspect and demeanour of the dim ' common popula- tions.' They saw and felt these things as keenly as any could do. Travelled as before, along the shores of Loch Lubnaig, and along the p of the roaring stream of Leny, and reached Callander at a little past eight o'clock. No argument in favor of regarding the story of Job as fiction can be drawn from the Testament parables, for these differ wiy from the apparent facts in the history of Job. Left Tyndrum at about five o'clock ; a gladsome after- noon; the road excellent, and we bowled downwards through a pleasant vale, though not populous, or well culti- vated, or woody, but enlivened by a river that glittered as it flowed. She replied that this was very true, but if they made any irovements the laird would conclude that they were growing rich, and would raise their rent. After breakfast we went out, intending to go to the Aey, and in the street met Mr. We were accoanied on our walk by a young man from the Braes of Yarrow, an acquaintance of Mr. Canned Fruits, Egg Plums, Damsons, Peachw, Pine Fruit, Oranges, Lemoils. It is said that during those latter years he never spoke of her without his voice being sensibly softened and saddened. To-day nor yet to-morrow ; Enough if in our hearts we know There 's such a place as Yarrow. We came to a pleasure-house, of which the had the key ; she said it was called the Fog-house, because it was lined with ' fog,' namely moss. In one place was a lofty scar, at another a green promontory, a small hill skirted by the river, the hill above irregular and green, and scattered over with trees. The lake does not wind, nor are the shores much varied by bays, - the mountains not commanding ; but the whole a pleasing scene. The interesting feelings we had connected with the Highland Saath and Highland worsh returned here with double force. This is said to be one of the largest and most attractive exhibitions on tiie mad this season, and thi.- lieing its lir-t tmironthc western hemiephere, it will attract universal attention. while residiuir in South Amer ica as a missionary, overed a safe and sim ple remedy for the cure of Nervous Weakne., Early Decay, di-aes of the Urinary and Sem inal Organs, and the whole train of dNordcr brought on by baneful and vicious habits. I had heard of no s, and took it for granted that we were to walk ; however, at the moment of starting, a cart, the common farmer's cart of the country, made its appearance, and the driver was a bonny young woman of the vale. His wifo and her sister went with him, but Dorothy, having stayed at home probably to tend the ren, did not form one of the party, a circumstance which her brother always remembered with regret. The ferryman had told us that Rob Roy's grave was there,'** so we could not p on without going up to the spot. It was no longer a visionary scene : the sun shone into every crevice of the hills, and the mountain-tops were clear. After some time our road took us upwards towards the end of the valley. Thr entire Poem as giTen in the works of the Poet stiuids thus : - TO THE SONS OF BURNS, Arm TnmiNi tbm orati of nsnt fatbsb. Speaking of another neighbouring laird, they said he had gone, like the rest of them, to Edinburgh, loft his lands and his own people, spending his money where it brought him not any esteem, so that he was of no value either at home or abroad. The rain con- tied till we were almost at Eoslin ; but then it was quite dark, so we did not see the Castle that night. For the writer of it was in herself no common woman, and might have secured for herself an independent reputation, had she not chosen rather that other part, to forget and merge herself entirely in the work and reputation of her brother. Programme of the Holmes County Sunday School Convention To beheld in ,thp. The town of Annan made me think of France and Germany; many of the houses large and gloomy, the size of them outrunning the comforts. I observed this to the guide, who said that formerly the glen had had many inhabitants, and that there, as elsewhere in the Highlands, there had been a great deal of corn where now the lands were left waste, and nothing fed upon them but cattle. At present, nothing can be uglier than the whole chasm of the hill-side with its formal walks. rpilK underslgneil will write with neatness JL accuracy and datch, Doeds, Mortgages, Powers of Attorney, Liens, and Wills, Tukc acknowleilgments of lad same; Protests Xotes, Drafts tnd Bills of Exchange Make out lMrtlal and. YORK: BUTLER BIBLE-WORK COANY, So Bible ' The loneliness Loaded her heart, the desert tired her eye.' Again, throughout the Journal we see how to her eye man and nature interact on each other. Scott along a high road for about two miles, up a bare hill. A path like a woodman's track has been carried through the glen, which, though the private property of a gentleman, has not been taken out of the hands of Nature, but merely rendered ible by this path, which ends at the water- falls. It does not surely deserve the name of a pleasure- path. Near the Gala is a large modem house, the situation very pleasant, but the old building which we had ped put to shame the fresh colouring and meagre outline of the one. The village of Kenmore, with its neat church and cleanly houses, stands on a gentle eminence at the end of the water. Mr ton is noted for his fine experi ments in raising fruit, flowers, &c. We were much pleased with the situation of our inn, where we arrived between eight and nine o'clock. The stream whicli pes through it falls into that lake near the head. The neighbourhood of Lanerk is exceedingly pleasant; we came to a sort of district of glens or little valleys that cleave the hills, leaving a cheerful, open country above them, with no superior hills, but an undulating surface. Further on, though almost contiguous, is Gretna Green, upon a hill and among trees. As we approached, the Castle rock resembled that of Stirling - in the same manner appearing to rise from a plain of culti- vated ground, the Firth of Forth being on the other side, and not visible. can didate for Hcpresentative in this county, evidently got hold of the wrong man last week. Dined by the way at a small town or village upon a hill, the back part of the houses on one side overlooking an extensive prospect over flat com fields. He is now iu India, ap- plying himself to the study of Oriental literature, and, I doubt not, it is his dearest thought that he may come and end his days upon the banks of Teviot, or some other of the Lowland streams - for he is, like Mr. While there he sate, alone and blind, ' I'Uat story flashed upon his mind ; - A bold thought roused him, and he took Ihe shell from out its secret nook. No one was there, no glittering breakfast service ; a kettle boiled upon the fire ; and everything was in harmony with these unpretending arrangements. Though no man be mthout sin, yet the afflictions of many are not for tlieir »in«. From, present indi cations it is going to lie a grand success, and the managers are making great preparation to make ,it the best ever held in this. brought into our office Monday morning, a box of as nice re cherries as we have ever seen. Фотозона. - Before breakfast we walked to the P of icrankie.

The year after the marriage, that is, in the fourth year of the Grasmere residence, after the first son was born, the brother and sister, accoanied by Coleridge, set out on that tour the Journal of which is here published. Bair an arm broken, licsidcs receiving painful bruises. The P did not, however, iress us with awe, or a sensation of difficulty or danger, according to oiir expectations ; but, the road being at a considerable height on the side of the hill, we at first only looked into the l or chasm. For here is one of the greatest bat- tles fought that ever was between man and man